29 nov. 2011



Today -oh man , is so late- you will know a person who will help me with youtube. This person is my girlfriend so be careful , she is crazy...
Her name here is Mo~Ki and she wants to help me with my blog but....my blog is mine!
Ok , now she wants to introduce herself here so she will write this post. I hope you like Mo~Ki!

Mo~Ki :
Heyaaaaaa~~~!!! I'm very happy to help with something!!
For security reasons I can't tell my real name so my name here is Mo~Ki. Nice to meet you all!
why these name? oh...I was thinking about what name I can use and I looked around my bedroom because my home have figure everywhere and the first figure I saw was Mori Motonari (Reboltech) from Sengoku BASARA. Yeah my name is "Mo" from Mori and Yu from...plz don't be panic , I saw Sanada Yukimura (Reboltech) from Sengoku BASARA and I took "Ki" from YuKImura. I know my name sounds super gay but don't worry Mori and Yukimura ARE NOT a yaoi courple =___= (are not not not NOT). Mo~Ki sound good with me -if my name is Mo-Yu I will die...- Maybe now you are thinking that I'm a stupid girl , I know this don't worry.

About youtube videos I asked to made a videogame-video with my voice or my face playing but Anushi told me : "Don't show your face!!!" so I will make a voice-video playing videogames : D

Here the results:

Make Otaku Video 33%

Thanks for all guys!

If you have any suggestions about any game I can play you can send an email to the contact address or in comments or on the same channel on youtube!
plz! Send email!


P.D: Spanish ver. later : /

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